Private Tours



Hamilton’s North Coast Private Adventure Tour –

Your Ultimate Northwoods Riding Experience


Don’t see a date that works for you and your riding friends on the public calendar? 

Wanting to have all the control over your guided tour picking your adventure as the day (or night) unfolds?

Wanting to enjoy a private environment that steers clear of constant public interaction into nature interaction?

Are you planning a company retreat seeking to foster increased personal relationships requiring group lodging, machine rentals, and daily meals? 

Do you have a large club or riding group that needs special accommodations? 

We can help!  Available May 8th - August 31st for Private Tours.


Fill out the questionnaire form and Steve will give you a call about your group’s expectations and needs for your ultimate Northwoods ride day, weekend, or longer. 

HNCA Partners with the best AirBNB hosts and the best lodging vendors located on or near trails on the best routes for your guide personal pick up or drop off.  Our Private Tours are one-of-a-kind experiences tailored to your specific guests focused on FUN, Safety,

Enjoying our machines, enjoying the incredible views and backwoods trails, with the comfort of someone who never loses bearing, solutions or “ways out”.  Steve is the first one in to plug a tire, offer any tools, jump in to hook a winch up, encourage you to take a line through a technical spot you may have not tried without someone there to swiftly help.  HNCA has a friend group ready to step up for our out-of-town guests and help get them through an emergency breakdown trailside or not. 

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