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Privately Guided Tours




Your time is limited and your vacation experience shouldn't be.  Becoming a client of ours allows you to obtain decades of our riding experience across vast trail systems fast tracking you to the best trails, best scenic vistas, best waterfalls, and the best knowledge available.  Our testimonials showcase that a personal ride day with us, sharing our stories of the area's tall tales, and immersing you in our passion for the area will undoubtedly be the highlight of your riding season.  Our experienced guides have seen a thing or two and will help you through technical trail sections, tire punctures, winch "buddy", and even emotional support for those pushing their boundaries.  Our guides sincerely want nothing more than to make your time with us the best it can be.  We constantly seek feedback and adjust routes based on what you like or don't like.   



North Coast Adventures Guided Waterfall UTV Tour   

Featured on Destination Polaris in 2019, the second time the series tapped our staff for professional guided outings, our Borderland Waterfall Tour is unlike any other and perfect for anytime of year!  It allows for extra time at the falls for hiking and picture taking as these geological behemoths draw you in for extended looks.  We visit 4-6 Waterfalls in Michigan & Wisconsin with numerous trailside stops along the way.  This interstate tour brings you from the Mercer, WI area to Saxon Harbor, WI for touches with Lake Superior across and over into Michigan for the best scenic vistas and colossal waterfalls around.  One of our client's favorite amenities is our photography throughout the ride.  We make sure to take pictures OF YOU FOR YOU and share those high resolution images, videos, etc with you after the ride.  This also helps the ride move quick and insure we help provide the BEST take homes possible.   

The VIP Custom Guided Tour

A custom route on our favorite legal mapped and unmapped trails starting and ending at your place of lodging based 100% on what you tell us you want to see!  This premium experience brings our guides to you, based on your schedule, for an adventure ending when you need it to.  We specialize in customer service - sights, landscapes, historical, cultural, trails, we will deliver, just let us know your interests!    


Join fellow riding enthusiasts for specialty planned ride events throughout our slice of heaven.  These group tours are unlike any others you've experienced.  No parade lines here, just fun, efficient, and safe group riding management by our seasoned guides.  We will shuffle riding order to insure similar abled riders are next to one another so everyone gets a stress free and fun ride they are looking for.  We often take "easy ways" and "hard ways" so those seeking to fling some mud or climb some rocks can have their glory while those not wanting those risks can happily avoid them with another North Coast Guide    

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