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  • What do I bring on a ride?
    Weather is everything! Tight neck gator dusk masks (amazon, $10) can make your trip. So will good dust googles or sun glasses with seals. It's fall and it may be warm with the sun up but the temperatures can plummet fast. We suggest wearing XXL+ rain suits and layered clothing underneath. Knee-high boots, couple pair of socks and gloves and moisutre/wind barrier is key. WE suggest a good tire repair kit, spare belt for the machines
  • Which ride skill level is right for me?
    It is critical for a great riding experience for guided group rides to have riders be honest with their experience and desiered riding speed. Beginner: 5-20 MPH Average speed. Novice: 15-30 MPH Average speed. Advanced: 35+. Including mud, rocky rough terrain. Experienced 150+ mile day regulars
  • Where do I stay?
    Snow Chaser's Lodging Wakefield, MI Powder Hound Lodge Bessemer, MI Black River Lodge Ironwood, MI
  • What permits are needed?
    Typically we only need you to have Wisconsin AND Michigan ORV Trail License ($26.25). You only need the $10 Trail Permit when riding east of Wakefield, MI. However, we are deeply involved with the local trail club and always suggest supporting the program with your $10. We'll make it worth your white!
  • Do I need to carry gas?
    We discourage folks carrying gas for safety's sake. However, all rides are typically based around ATV mileage of 65 miles between fuel stops. If ATVs are running with UTVs we do carry easy siphoning equipment to shuttle gas. Regular gas access is provided on most trips and you will be informed if not.
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